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Anti Litter PSA - City of Miami Gardens

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Product Description

What's CTP Pro?

CTP Pro is software specifically designed for broadcast and film quality animated series production.

To run CTP Pro, you only need a standard Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 computer, a simple scanner and a graphics tablet, if applicable.

This software is ideal for all cartoon freelancers and producers, because it simplifies enormously the work flow: with a simple click on their mouse, cartoonists achieve what previously took several hours. With CTP Pro, they can accomplish the entire production process from start to end, and become full sequence producers this way.

Its price is so affordable that cartoonists will be able to have it at their house or studio, and production houses will have more control over job planning.

CTP on MAC with Parallels Desktop
Works on Mac OS X too

CTP Pro works fine on Intel Macs (e.g. using Parallels Desktop for Mac, VMWare or Apple Boot Camp).

You can even use your existing scanner and graphics tablet with USB interface as usual.

CTP Pro is available in different versions:

The "Suites"

With its resolution independence CTP Pro HD is ideal for professional cartoon productions for film and broadcast. Easily produce in industry standards, like HDTV, Ultra-HD, HFR, Academy, Super 35, VistaVision, Super Hi-Vision, 2k, 4k, 8k, Cinemascope, and many more.

is specifically designed for professional PAL or NTSC formatted cartoon productions. All other features are identical to CTP Pro HD.

CTP Home
For cartoon productions for web applications, DVD productions or even for ambitious private users, CTP Home is the ideal solution, as it offers most of the functions of CTP Pro. However, the maximum resolution and the number of layers are optimized to the purpose and results in an incredibly low price.

The "Satellites"

Apart from CTP Pro there are three "satellite" versions, which take the most popular features from the CTP Pro edition, and make them available as task-specific groups of functions. The "satellites" include Pencil Test, Paint and Scan versions of CTP Pro. The output of each of the "satellites" is fully compatible with CTP Pro and offer the exact same easy to learn user interface.

CTP Pencil Test
For sometimes necessary line tests in pre production, CTP Pencil Test is the suitable tool for importing drawn materials using a video camera or a scanner for checking, cleaning, and animating. The resulting animation can easily be imported into CTP Pro using the X-Sheet.

CTP Paint
A fast and effective tool to paint your animation is CTP Paint. Due to its multilayer paint system you get immediate control over your painted drawings. Choose the desired colors from user palettes, RGB or HLS colors or user defined color models. The painted cells can easily be imported into CTP Pro for further processing.

CTP Scan
In larger productions it may be desirable to split the scan process of hand drawn materials from the rest of the production process. CTP Scan allows scanning and cleaning of complete sequences in just one automated step. All you need to do is to feed in your drawings. The scanned materials will then be imported into CTP Pro.