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CTP Pro Version History

What was new in CTP Pro 2.0

German user interface
The CTP Pro software now offers German or English user interfaces at user´s choice. Switching between the two languages can easily be performed from the options menu.

New project loader
The CTP Pro project loader has been redesigned and now loads large projects with many frames and layers significantly faster.

New online help system
The online help system of CTP Pro has been redesigned from scratch. It offers a detailed search function which allows to access a load of helpful and practical hints and tips. The CTP Pro online help is available in English or German, depending on the language of the user interface.

New status bar
Due to user demand the status bar has been redesigned. It now shows useful information of the loaded project such as memory capacity of the CTP Pro process and free memory on the project partition, instead of general system information.

New presets
A load of new presets allows for an easy and compliant setting of resolutions and related frame rates for projects. This ensures that a new production complies to industry standards. In addition the user can still define his own settings and parameters if need be.

  • erroneous "Pegbar Detection" with certain scanners with auto feeder has been fixed
  • "Undo/Redo" behaviour when using filters has been improved
  • issues when loading certain projects (depending on operating system) have been solved
  • inconsistent directory tree in the file loader menu has been eliminated
  • and more...

CTP Pro is now available in different versions:
With its resolution independence CTP Pro HD is ideal for professional cartoon productions for film and broadcast. Easily produce in industry standards, like PAL, NTSC, HDTV, Academy, Super 35, VistaVision, 2k, Cinemascope, and many more.

CTP Pro SD is specifically designed for professional PAL or NTSC formatted cartoon productions. Users who do not need to produce in high definition or film formats will get the Pro version of CTP Pro for an exceptionally attractive price.

For cartoon productions for web applications, DVD productions or ambitious private users CTP Home is the ideal solution, as it offers most of the functions of CTP Pro. However the maximum resolution and the number of layers are optimized to the purpose and results in an incredibly low price.

Last but not least CTP Pro HD is also available at special educational pricing for pupils, students, teachers, schools and universities.

Furthermore CTP Pro HD Net comes as multi user / network version.

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