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New production example in CTP Pro gallery: Demo Reel of Samantha Branco
News from 03.06.2015 - [send via eMail]
There is a new example of cartoon animation made with CTP Pro in our gallery.

Title of production: Demo Reel of Samantha Branco

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New production example in CTP Pro gallery: Le Building
News from 08.04.2015 - [send via eMail]
There is a new example of cartoon animation made with CTP Pro in our gallery.

Title of production: Le Building

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New production example in CTP Pro gallery: One Day
News from 16.03.2015 - [send via eMail]
There is a new example of cartoon animation made with CTP Pro in our gallery.

Title of production: One Day

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CTP Pro cartoon animation software version 4.7 released
News from 26.11.2014 - [send via eMail]
CTP 4.7, the cartoon animation software for Windows, has been released today.

CTP is software specifically designed for broadcast and film quality animated series production. To run CTP, a Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP computer, a scanner or a high-definition webcam and if possible a graphics tablet are needed to produce animated series in broadcast-, high-definition- or film resolutions.

CTP 4.7 is a free update for all CTP 4.x users. For older CTP software an affordable way to upgrade is available upon request.

The new features in CTP 4.7

Optimizations for Windows 8 and Windows 7
The CTP file system was changed to comply with Windows 7 and Windows 8 requirements. Despite these changes, the compatibility to Windows Vista and Windows XP has remained as before.

Start dialog improved
The start dialog has been modified and improved. Now the user will get more information about saved scenes. Icons will now show whether or not a scene is opened or in use by another user. One can also easily see now which scene is new or empty. In addition to that, the CTP start dialog now shows important details of the projects, such as number of frames and fields of a scene, the video resolution and information on the frame rate.

Show CPU usage in the status bar
Due to popular demand a display in the status bar has been added, which dynamically shows the CPU usage when working with CTP. The CPU usage display can be switched off, if not needed.

More presets for 4k Ultra HD resolutions
More 4k Ultra High Definition presets have been added to the Output Format selector of CTP Pro HD, when setting up a new scene and its properties. CTP Pro HD supports any resolution up to 8182 x 8192. Also, it is possible to set up any frame rate up to 99 frames per second. This allows to benefit from any existing frame setting or frame setting to come in the future as more High Definition standards are being introduced. In order to make it easy, users will find a good preselection of the most common industry standard settings today.

New shortcuts for X-Y pan
When working with X and Y pan camera movements it is possible to manipulate X or Y exclusively by holding the Shift key. This works either when moving keyframes in the camera curve, as well as when manipulating the keyframed object directly in the visualization area.

CTP Help System
Several help topics have been added or extended.

CTP 4.7 ships immediately. Pricing ranges between USD 199.00 and USD 699.00, depending on the version. CTP Pro HD is also available at special educational pricing for pupils, students, teachers, schools and universities. Existing users can affordably upgrade or crossgrade to the latest version.

French CTP Training Guide available
News from 18.09.2014 - [send via eMail]
It is our pleasure to announce the availability of the CTP Training Guide in French. Fabrice Manneau, a long time and very active CTP Pro user decided, that it is time now to write a manual, that helps new users to get up to speed with CTP. And we think, this manual will be an interesting read for existing CTP users too.

Please take a look into this colorful and informative manual and download it to your computer for free.

Fabrice, thank you. Great work!

PS: CTP Training Guides are available now in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Malaysian.
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