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Version Comparison

The following product comparison helps you distinguish between the various CTP software packages available.

CTP Pro Educational for pupils, students, teachers, schools and universities is functionality-wise fully identical with CTP Pro HD.

  Pro HD Pro SD Pencil Test
max. Resolution (pixels) * 8192 x 8192 800 x 600 8192 x 8192
Scanner Capturing (b/w)
Video Capturing (b/w)
File Import/Export (b/w)
Exposure Sheet Editing
Extended Sheet Settings
Color Models -
Standardized Color Palettes -
Painting -
Background Composition -
Camera Animation -
Images Processing/Filters -
Audio Capturing/Editing
Automatic Pegbar Detection
Network license available -
Number of Layers 200 200 200

CTP Pro HD and CTP Pencil Test are suitable for all High Definition and feature film resolutions. The needed resolution can freely be set to resolutions of up to 8192 x 8192 pixels.

CTP Pro SD supports maximum resolutions of up to 800 x 600 pixels. Upgrading to CTP Pro HD is always possible.

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