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CTP Pro Version History

What was new in CTP Pro 3.0

Standardized Color Palettes
Color palettes are often used by artists to get constant color values in the ink & paint process of cel animation. CTP Pro has always supported color models through the use of user definable color palettes, the so-called Color Model Archives (CMA).

In addition to user definable color palettes, the CTP Pro HD, CTP Pro SD and CTP Paint versions now also support a series of pre-defined and widely standardized color palettes, such as RGB or RAL.

The Classic RAL System is used for defining standard colors for paint and coatings. RAL is the most popular Central European Color Standard today. The colors are a standard used in architecture, construction, or industry. CTP Pro, being able to access these color definitions, will make this new functionality a good choice e.g. for industrial movies.

The standardized color palettes put all colors of a single palette in an easy to use scrollable window, providing all the necessary information to select a color from its name, number, HEX value or its appearance.

RGB or RAL colors are often referenced by their name or number or specific value. It is therefore possible to switch between color name, color number and its HEX value.

The interface is following the CTP Pro standards: included in the main (and only) window, it is resizable (with a minimum size to avoid loss of information) and scrollable. Since the color names are important, they are sorted in a list (from left to right in the color bar) as opposed to palettes which are displayed as a matrix.

Enhanced Sheet Settings

1. Mouse wheel scrolling and zooming in Exposure Sheet and Storage Sheet
CTP Pro now supports mouse wheel scrolling and zooming in the Exposure Sheet and the Storage Sheet. This function can be configured in the CTP Pro options' dialog.

Vertical scroll:
The mouse wheel allows to scroll the Exposure or Storage sheet vertically. Scrolling the wheel forward will move the vertical slider upwards, scrolling back will move the vertical slider downwards.

Horizontal scroll:
Holding the SHIFT key on the keyboard and turning the mouse wheel allows to scroll the Exposure or Storage horizontally. Scrolling the wheel forward will move the horizontal slider to the left, scrolling back will move the horizontal slider to the right.

Zooming in and out:
Holding the CTRL key on your keyboard and turning the mouse wheel allows to zoom in and out the Exposure and Storage Sheet. Scrolling the wheel forward will zoom out (for better overview of the sheet), scrolling back will zoom in (showing more cell details). Clicking on the "1:1" button in the upper left corner of the Exposure or Storage sheet will reset the zoom to the default value.

2. Variable row size and font size for Exposure Sheet and Storage Sheet
CTP Pro now supports variable sizes for rows on the Exposure Sheet and variable font size on Exposure Sheet and Storage Sheet.

Activating the variable row size on the Exposure Sheet allows to resize the row, making it smaller or larger. Resize by simply positioning the mouse cursor over any grid boundary on the left side.

The mouse cursor will change its appearance. Clicking and holding the left mouse button while dragging the mouse up or down will resize the rows of the Exposure Sheet. All rows will be resized to the new size automatically.

In order to change the font size on the Exposure and Storage Sheets, set the font size to "small", "medium" or "large".

It is also possible to show the complete cell name without wordwrap, should the length of the cell name exceed the cell width.

Hotkey support for camera graph parameters
Hotkey support for the camera graph parameters Pan, Zoom, Blur, Rotation and Opacity has been added. Once one of these parameters is active, it is easy to step clockwise by pushing the TAB key on the keyboard. It is possible to step counter clockwise by holding the SHIFT key while pushing the TAB key at the same time. Either direction will always be performed in an infinite loop.

More presets for 4k and 8k high definition resolutions
More 4k and 8k Ultra High Definition and Super High Definition presets have been added to the Output Format selector of CTP Pro HD, when setting up a new scene and its properties.

CTP Pro HD supports any resolution up to 8182 x 8192. Also, it is possible to set up any frame rate up to 99 frames per second. This allows to benefit from any existing frame setting or frame setting to come in the future as more High Definition standards are being introduced.

In order to make it easy, you will find a good preselection of the most common industry standard settings.

As a matter of fact, CTP Pro HD users will now find a selection of the most popular 4k and 8k resolutions for immediate use.

Last but not least, we have also added Super Hi-Vision, developped by NHK Japan which is an 8k resolution (7680 x 4320 pixels).

New import selector for image and video files
When importing image or video files into the Storage Sheet of CTP Pro, users may find it useful to now have the new import selector at hand, which will allow to preselect a specific file format for CTP Pro to look after and exclusively display for faster and easier browsing in the image and movie data stored at any place on the hard drive or in any other folder on the network.

Import and export of Toonz TZU and TZP files
CTP Pro now is capable to import and export Toonz 4.2 files in the TZU and TZP format, which have been compressed with LZW. This allows to exchange image data between CTP Pro and Toonz 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5 and 4.6.

Bugfixes in CTP Pro 3.0
CTP Pro´s Rename/Replace behaviour has been changed and improved. Several reported glitches have been fixed to make renaming and replacing safer. Undo for these operations has been dropped to avoid any possible loss of data when performing the Renaming/Replace function. An optional setting for the behaviour of the renaming/replacing cursor has been added to the Sheet Settings, which can be found in the CTP options´ dialog.

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