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New production example in CTP Pro gallery: Killer Toys
News from 07.05.2018 - [send via eMail]
There is a new example of cartoon animation made with CTP Pro in our gallery.

Title of production: Killer Toys

CTP Application Note 4
News from 17.04.2018 - [send via eMail]
For those of you who would like to know how CTP's Multi-User-Network license works, we have a new Application Note 4 "How to set up a Multi-User-Network license for CTP..." which will give you detailed instructions on getting you successfully up and running within minutes.

Download Application Note 4 from here.

A multi-user-network license is able to license more than just one CTP Pro HD seat. The CTP workstations just need to be part of the same network and have a permanent connection to a server or one of your "license serving" CTP workstations. As soon as the CTP Server software is running, there is immediate access to the number of CTP network licenses over the network. Granting a license to the CTP seats will work on a "first come, first serve" basis.

When a CTP client exits the software, its license will be automatically returned to the CTP Server and can be granted to another CTP seat anytime. This means, the CTP software can be installed on as many computers in your network as you like. However it is only possible to have as many concurrent CTP seats up and running as the maximum amount of licenses you have purchased.

Using a CTP Pro HD multi-user-network license is useful when several CTP seats are being used in the same environment and a central and dynamic license administration is desired. This often is the case for production sites, schools or universities.

More questions? Simply contact us!

New production example in CTP Pro gallery: Runaway
News from 01.02.2017 - [send via eMail]
There is a new example of cartoon animation made with CTP Pro in our gallery.

Title of production: Runaway

CTP Pro website news
News from 22.09.2016 - [send via eMail]
The CTP Pro website is now compatible with mobile devices!

This means the website will automatically adopt to whatever mobile device you are using to browse it and should run smoothly on any actual smart phone or tablet.

By the way, it still works on any computer or laptop screen too...

Check it out and see for yourself!

CTP Pro cartoon animation software version 5 released
News from 10.08.2016 - [send via eMail]
CTP 5, the cartoon animation software for Windows, has been released today. CTP is specifically designed for film and broadcast quality animated series production.

This is new in CTP Pro 5

New code base
In order to migrate to a new development environment, CTP's program code has been completely reworked. A modern compiler now ensures more stability and compatibility.

Up to 4 GB main memory
CTP 5 now can access up to 4 GB main memory, which simplifies the work on large scenes with high resolution. With the memory usage indicator in the status bar the CTP process can be followed up anytime.

Rendering up to 30% faster using frame buffering
Rendering for scene playback or export has been improved. Internal buffering of frames results in higher speeds, which is especially useful for large and complex scenes.

Modern and modal user interface
CTP 5's user interface has been renewed. Besides different themes to select from, there are extended possibilities to modify buttons to suit the working process. Also, the user interface will now adopt Windows functionality, e.g. progress display as part of the Windows taskbar, and more. The selection of themes/skins allows to personalize the graphical user interface. There are choices from classic to modern to suit the needs of any user. Care has been taken to offer color combinations for the main tool bar that give the best possible visibility of icons and functions.

Easier handling of graphics tablets
Using pen presure to change brush size or brush opacity on a Wacom graphics tablett can now be activated or deactivated under the Tool Options. The dialog for the tool options will stay permanently on top and it is possible to conveniently position it anywhere on the CTP GUI.

CTP 5 ships immediately. For existing CTP installations affordable upgrades and crossgrades are available.
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