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CTP Pro and Windows 10
News from 06.05.2020 - [send via eMail]
You've probably heard that Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows 7. Now that's no big deal if you want to stay with Windows 7.

But if you plan to move to a newer Windows operating system, you may find out that your current CTP software version is not compatible with Windows 10.

But don't panic: an upgrade to CTP 5 solves this problem and brings many more advantages: with a new code base for more stability, the expansion to 4 GB memory and up to 30% faster rendering through framebuffering, CTP 5 is definitely worth the investment.

CTP 5's completely redesigned user interface is specifically tailored to Windows 10 and offers a choice of different skins. Last but not least, the simplified operation for graphics tablets is an upgrade argument, as well as the possibility to use multiple screens. And there is even more!

Just try the CTP 5 software. The trial version can be installed without any problems next to your current software. You can find it here.

Upgrading from ANY older CTP software is more attractive than you may think! We will be happy to calculate your individual upgrade costs without obligation. If we have aroused your interest in CTP 5, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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New production example in CTP Pro gallery: Preparation For Invasion
News from 07.12.2020 - [send via eMail]
There is a new example of cartoon animation made with CTP Pro in our gallery.

Title of production: Preparation For Invasion

Korean CTP Training Manual available
News from 19.03.2020 - [send via eMail]
We are pleased to announce the availability of the Korean CTP Training Manual. We hope that this will make it easier for Korean newcomers to get to know CTP. However, we think that the new manual will be equally interesting for experienced CTP users.

The new CTP training manual can now be downloaded from here. It is free!

CTP Training Manuals are now available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Malaysian and Korean.

New production example in CTP Pro gallery: Cinematic ident for Jekino
News from 04.06.2018 - [send via eMail]
There is a new example of cartoon animation made with CTP Pro in our gallery.

Title of production: Cinematic ident for Jekino

New production example in CTP Pro gallery: Killer Toys
News from 07.05.2018 - [send via eMail]
There is a new example of cartoon animation made with CTP Pro in our gallery.

Title of production: Killer Toys

CTP Application Note 4
News from 17.04.2018 - [send via eMail]
For those of you who would like to know how CTP's Multi-User-Network license works, we have a new Application Note 4 "How to set up a Multi-User-Network license for CTP..." which will give you detailed instructions on getting you successfully up and running within minutes.

Download Application Note 4 from here.

A multi-user-network license is able to license more than just one CTP Pro HD seat. The CTP workstations just need to be part of the same network and have a permanent connection to a server or one of your "license serving" CTP workstations. As soon as the CTP Server software is running, there is immediate access to the number of CTP network licenses over the network. Granting a license to the CTP seats will work on a "first come, first serve" basis.

When a CTP client exits the software, its license will be automatically returned to the CTP Server and can be granted to another CTP seat anytime. This means, the CTP software can be installed on as many computers in your network as you like. However it is only possible to have as many concurrent CTP seats up and running as the maximum amount of licenses you have purchased.

Using a CTP Pro HD multi-user-network license is useful when several CTP seats are being used in the same environment and a central and dynamic license administration is desired. This often is the case for production sites, schools or universities.

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